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For the coming ski season 2016/2017, major work will be carried out in Alpe d'Huez, around the Signal sector.

This is the last resort-side area of Alpe d'Huez to be modernised and in 2016, SATA intends to invest in a total overhaul of the Signal / Grande Sure sector.

At the bottom of Signal, instead of the existing lifts, a high-capacity aerial ropeway will be installed, “Signal”.

Associated with this new lift, a green slope is being prepared, fully equipped with snow-guns, starting from the top of Signal, passing via the top of Sarazins, and leading down to the Grenouilles beginners’ area.

As well as the ski offer currently proposed on the slopes of the front side of the Signal slope, snow cover will be guaranteed by equipping the “Signal bis” slope with snow-guns.

The second historic means of access to Signal, the Grande Sure chairlift, will be replaced by a fixed clamp, 4-seat chairlift, also called Grande Sure, doubling the capacity from the “Vieil Alpe” area, ensuring reliability in this area with a modern, comfortable lift.

This project represents:

 Dismantling of:

- Signal chairlift

- Signal 1 draglift

- Signal 2 draglift

- Signal 3 draglift

- Sarasins draglift

- Grande Sure chairlift

Construction of :

- High-capacity Signal aerial ropeway, with an hourly capacity of 3,300 passengers, equipped with 39 8-person chairs and 8 10-person cabins

- Grande Sure chairlift, with an hourly capacity of 1,650 passengers, equipped with 91 4-person chairs
- Snow production equipment:

- Addition of 22 snow-guns on the newly created green run

- Addition of 7 snow-guns on the front side of Signal, for the Signal bis run

- A new green run to ski down from the top of Signal to the resort area for all skiers, with a fun themed route, but that’s a surprise for next winter, so shh… :-)

In addition to the work in the Signal sector, a new building is planned in the 1800 sector of Alpe d'Huez, proposing new sales desks and a customer reception area that is more visible and easier to get to. This will enable us to promote important operations and events taking place in the ski area to visitors during their holidays.


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